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Всем доброго времени! Хочу выразить искреннюю благодарность за моё спасение Гулому Владимиру Викторовичу! 05 сентября он провёл сложную операцию на моём позвоночнике. Сделал всё максимально возможное, чтобы моя жизнь как и прежде была счастливой и полна радости, а не слёз и мучений от боли. Операция прошла успешно. И это всё благодаря Гулому Владимиру Викторовичу – профессионалу, высококлассному специалисту, человеку, знающему и любящему своё дело. Он очень внимательно относится к пациентам, ком...
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Laboratory of Microbiology of Vorokhobov hospital - Russia's first fully automated microbiology laboratory, equipped with an innovative complex of BD Kiestra WCA-3, manufactured by Becton Dickinson. All stages of research, since loading of the sample tube into a complex, and until the issuance result executed automatically.
Immediately after receipt in the laboratory, the samples are loaded into transport containers in primary culturing. The system reads the bar code of the container containing information about individual sample number and the type of commissioned research and automatically performs the selection of the petri dish with the right nutrient medium of barcoding, opening / closing of the container, mixing the sample, the sample inoculation onto plates with the medium in accordance with the standard for the ordered study protocol.
After sowing cups on the conveyor and delivered automatically downloaded to smart incubators, where the incubation and periodic photographing high-resolution digital camera. Speed system can handle and load into incubators all incoming samples for 1 hour, even during peak hours.
The resulting images are fed to terminals operating physicians. Each worker has two terminal high-resolution widescreen monitors. Doctors consider the results and prescribe further tests in digital form. Do not want to interrupt incubation cups removing from the oven, their transportation to the workplace physician. Thanks to this, reduces the total time of incubation, viewing cups made much faster, it becomes possible multiple viewing each cup and a prompt appointment of further tests. Information about the tests prescribed by a doctor enters the terminals laboratory workers who perform these tests on various automatic equipment.
To determine the sensitivity of the laboratory using an automatic analyzer Phoenix Bacteriology 100, manufactured by Becton Dickinson, which allows you to receive antibiotikogrammy for 6-10 hours.
With full automation, ensure the high quality, and most importantly, a significant reduction in the time for result. Sample processing is carried out continuously, and no delay at various time points and between them. All approved doctors results instantly come to the laboratory information system from it - the general information system and hospital district. Antibiotikogramme available physician next day after collection of the sample and not for 5-7 hours normally. The physician has the ability to assign adequate targeting specific pathogen, antibiotic therapy in clinically meaningful terms, and thereby prevent the development of infectious complications in patients and significantly reduce the time of his hospital stay, duration and cost of treatment.
Digital records of the results allows us to develop telebakteriologiyu remotely attract the world's leading consultants in non-trivial cases.
Automation allows you to cope with the increasing flow without loss of quality, and expansion of the State Laboratory.