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Нейрохирурги спинального центра ГКБ № 67, как Боги! Хочется особенно поблагодарить моего лечащего врача-нейрохирурга Аксенова Андрея Викторовича! У этого человека призвание, дар быть врачом!!! Обратилась в указанный центр с отстрой болью в поясничном отделе, беспокоящей уже несколько месяцев, и немеющей ногой, в результате грыжи в поясничном отделе позвоночника. Надо признаться, что я уже консультировалась с 4-мя ведущими нейрохирургами Столицы иных организаций, но после встречи с Аксеновым А.В...
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Public health agency of the city of Moscow "City Clinical Hospital № 67 of Moscow Health Department" also known as Vorokhobov Hospital, works in the health of Muscovites since 1959.
        Currently GKB number 67 - is a modern-aid health care setting, having multidisciplinary hospital with medical-diagnostic and intensive care and consultative and diagnostic centers to provide outpatient care, maternity home. Hospital beds for 1500 incorporates a separation surgery, trauma, neurosurgery, therapeutic, cardiological, obstetrical and gynecological, endocrinological and neurological. In addition, 87- intensive care beds (including 15 beds in the nursing home).
The hospital is open 24 hours a day, on average, we receive 200-250 and more patients daily. Every year in our hospital assisted about 75 thousand patients.
The hospital employs 9 MD, 91 PhD, 4 Honorary Doctor of Russia, 10 specialists have international certificates. More than 50% of doctors and nurses have the highest and the first qualifying category.
Work to improve the accessibility and quality of medical services to patients in the hospital № 67 is held constant.
In order to improve the organization of the diagnostic and treatment process in 2011, we have developed and implemented in the practice of internal protocols of treatment. The use of protocols allowed to increase the quality and availability of medical care due to the intensification of medical care, which led to a reduction in the average bed-day (up to 6.9 on the hospital and surgical departments to 4.8) and, consequently, increase bed turnover that ultimately, led to lower financial costs and the rational use of hospital beds. In this regard, it was possible to carry out the optimization, repurpose bed and place the equipment received.
In the process of implementation of the program of modernization of health of the city of Moscow in 2011-2013 Moscow Health Department purchased and delivered to the hospital more than 340 units of medical technology and equipment, including 17 units. heavy machinery. All equipment received was put into effect as soon as possible. Thanks to radical renewal of the hospital equipment was significantly (2.5-fold) increased the amount of high-tech care for patients (from 1281 in 2010 to 3035 in 2013, in 2014 this figure will be even higher).
The introduction of new technology and equipment, improve the training of health personnel, including in foreign clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, according to the plan of Moscow Health Department and by personal contacts with foreign colleagues, medical care of the population has reached the level of the leading foreign clinics. Given these achievements on the basis of hospital Moscow Health Department opened Urban spinal neurosurgical center, opened in 2014. The city center of diabetic retinopathy, the City Center of Telemedicine, is scheduled to open Regional Vascular Center.
The most innovative in our hospital are areas of spinal neurosurgery, eye microsurgery and clinical and bacteriological laboratory diagnosis.