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On the basis of the Vorohobov Hospital in 2014 Urban Center of spinal surgery was formed, which provides assistance to patients with degenerative diseases of the spine and acute back injuries. Headed the center of the famous neurosurgeon, doctor of the highest qualification Dmitry Dzukaev. (Winner of the "Calling" in 2009; at the city festival "formula of life" in 2012 was recognized as the best specialist neurosurgeon.)
At the operating center at the moment are available all the possible technologies that can and should be used in spinal neurosurgery. By combining technologies, ie by a combination of equipment used - is the most equipped hospital at the moment, not only in Russia, but practically everywhere.
Equipment operating:
Boditom - mobile unit to perform intraoperative spiral tomography. BodyTom - a unique high-tech apparatus American company Neurologica, which provides physicians fundamentally new opportunities. With the help of scanner BodyTom possible implementation of computerized tomography imaging of spinal cord and brain, internal organs and tumors of the patient directly to the operating room. Imaging BodyTom allows preoperative scan directly on the operating table, intraoperative scan to update the status of navigation and postoperative scan to confirm the result. Thus computed tomography, unlike more conventional X-ray methods of control also renders low-contrast organs and tissues.
Robot assistant - a device that directs and controls the actions of the surgeon during the installation of implants. In our operating, we use the latest, which is unparalleled in the world of robotic system for spinal surgery Renaissance, which has the highest accuracy for minimally invasive surgery.
Microscope with 3D visualization - the eyes of the neurosurgeon. Modern neurosurgery is not possible without a microscope with high magnification, a powerful source of light and a 3-dimensional visualization of the object. German operating microscopes Moller during operations provide an increase of up to 15-fold with the possibility of video stream.
The navigation station - allows to perform manipulation in areas closed for review. English BrainLab navigation station provides excellent visualization of the operated segment mode 3D.
X-ray station to perform a 3D reconstruction of the operated segment, and other settings.
The combination of innovative technology allows the surgeon if necessary to install the implant in the patient's spine with maximum accuracy and safety. In this almost completely eliminates the influence of human factors on the outcome of operations and the likelihood of medical errors and the risk of postoperative complications in the patient is minimized.
Speaking of innovative mechanisms to reduce the time of hospitalization, in the center of spinal surgery can be applied in the operations of the Israeli technology "Target". Its use allows to make surgical interventions associated with tumors and degenerative changes of the spine of the maximum impact. "Target" is a fusion of information, navigating and operating equipment, whereby through small incisions can access directly to the site of the lesion. Through the use of this technology, the healthy tissue surrounding the problem area, does not suffer, greatly reducing the period of rehabilitation the patient 2-4 days after surgery on his prescribed rehabilitation treatment.
Another important achievement of advanced information and communication technologies, which are used in our spinal center is equipped with the latest equipment tsentr.Preimuschestva telemedicine Telemedicine praised not only our experts, but also our patients.
September 29, 2014 in the name of the hospital Vorohobova an international educational conference of neurosurgeons based telemedicine center.
The conference was organized and Hospital №67 Moscow Health Department. The conference was attended by surgeons German clinics and specialists from Belgium. On behalf of the Russian surgeons were specialists from research centers Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Beslan.