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Medical tourism

We are happy to welcome you to the section dedicated to Medical tourism!

Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital №67 is one of the largest medical centers in Moscow

Today, the city clinical hospital is a modern multidisciplinary institution, which includes:

  • Inpatient units with 1348 beds
  • Consulting and diagnostic cent
  • Maternity hospital No. 1
  • Antenatal clinics
  • Perinatal Cardiology Center
  • Moscow pulmonology center


Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery

Eye Microsurgery

Eye Microsurgery

X-ray endovascular surgery

X-ray endovascular surgery

Spinal neurosurgery

Spinal neurosurgery

Joint replacement

Joint replacement

Federal act No. 115 of 25.07.2002 "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation", article 2:


* "a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is an individual who is not a citizen of the Russian Federation and has proof of the citizenship of a foreign state»


* conditions for the legality of the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation (status of stay/residence):


a foreign citizen temporarily staying in the Russian Federation is a person who has arrived in the Russian Federation on the basis of a visa or in a manner that does not require a visa, and has received a migration card, but does not have a residence permit.

a foreign citizen temporarily residing in the Russian Federation is a person who has received a temporary residence permit in the form of a mark in a document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen and recognized by the Russian Federation in this capacity, or in the form of a document in accordance with the forms approved by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

a foreign citizen permanently residing in the Russian Federation is a person who has received a residence permit issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

- Federal act No. 323 of 21.11.2011 "On the Basics of Public Health Protection in the Russian Federation", Article 19, Part 3, 4;

- Federal Law No. 326 of 29.11.2010 "On Compulsory Health Insurance", Article 10, which establishes the list of insured persons in this area;

- Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06.03.2013 No. 186 " On Approval of the Rules for Providing Medical Care to Foreign Citizens in the Territory of the Russian Federation»;

- Agreement of 24.11.1998 on the mutual granting of equal rights to citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation in receiving emergency and emergency medical care;

- Letter of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated 24.10.2008 No. 10-4/54705-14SC " On the provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens»;

- Letter of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated 18.04.2008 No. 2854-RH "Information on the organization of medical services for citizens of the Republic of Belarus permanently or temporarily residing in the subjects of the Russian Federation»

  1. These Rules determine the procedure for providing medical care to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  2. Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying (temporarily residing) or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided by medical and other organizations engaged in medical activities, regardless of their organizational and legal form, as well as by individual entrepreneurs engaged in medical activities (hereinafter referred to as medical organizations).
  3. Medical assistance in an emergency form in case of sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to the life of the patient is provided to foreign citizens by medical organizations free of charge
  4. Foreign citizens who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal Law “On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation” have the right to free medical care within the framework of compulsory medical insurance.
  5. Ambulance, including specialized emergency medical care is provided to foreign citizens in cases of diseases, accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions requiring urgent medical intervention. Medical organizations of the state and municipal health care systems provide this medical care to foreign citizens free of charge.
  6. Medical care in the emergency form (with the exception of emergency, including emergency specialized medical care) and in planned form is provided to foreign citizens in accordance with contracts for the provision of paid medical services or contracts of voluntary medical insurance and (or) concluded in favour of foreign citizens specified in paragraph 4 of these Rules, contracts in the field of compulsory medical insurance.
  7.  Medical care in the planned form is provided on the condition that a foreign citizen provides written guarantees for the fulfillment of the obligation to pay the actual cost of medical services or prepayment of medical services based on the estimated volume of provision of these services (except for cases of medical care in accordance with paragraph 4 of these Rules), as well as the necessary medical documentation (an extract from the medical history, data from clinical, radiological, laboratory and other studies), if available. 
  8. Medical documentation sent from the Russian Federation to another state must be filled in in Russian.
  9. Invoices for the actual medical care provided within 10 days after the end of treatment are sent by the medical organization to the address of a foreign citizen or a legal entity or individual representing the interests of a foreign citizen, unless otherwise provided by the contract under which it was provided (except for cases of medical care in accordance with paragraph 4 of these Rules).
  10. Disputes related to the provision of medical care or late payment of invoices for actually rendered medical care are resolved in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  11. If an international treaty of the Russian Federation establishes a different procedure for providing medical care to foreign citizens, the rules of the international treaty apply


In the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation dated March 1, 2018, Vladimir Putin stressed the need to develop healthcare and export services in the field of medicine and tourism. 

Our adress: Moscow, Salama Adil str., 2/44

How to get to us:
From the metro station "Narodnoye Opolchenie": bus 345 (to the bus stop "Boulevard of General Karbyshev"), cross Marshal Zhukov Avenue via an underground passage and walk 5 minutes along Salam Adil Street towards Karamyshevskaya embankment

From the metro station "Sokol": bus 691K (to the bus stop “City hospital№67”), trolleybus 59 (to the bus stop "Boulevard Karbysheva")

From the metro station "Polezhaevskaya", bus 48 (to the bus stop "City Hospital No. 67"), trolleybuses 20, 21, 35 (to the bus stop "Karbyshev Boulevard")

Opening hours

Consultative and Diagnostic Center:

Monday - Thursday - 08:00 to 18:00

Friday - 08:00 to 17:00


Monday - Sunday - 24/7

Help desk

+7 (495) 530-33-97

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