Логотип ГКБ №67
SBIH Vorohobov’s City
Clinical Hospital №67 MHD
Moscow, Salam Adil Str 2/44
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Therapeutic departments, which were one of the first established in the hospital, were organized in close cooperation with the hospital therapy clinic of the Moscow Medical Institute. I.I. Sechenov. A high level of therapeutic care in the departments was set from the very beginning by the clinical leadership of her professors and, above all, Professor B. B. Kogan.
Currently, the therapeutic service consists of 11 structural divisions of the hospital, designed for 500 beds, and includes two cardiological, two endocrinological, two therapeutic of which one is planned, three neurological, one of which is a planned department, as well as a somatopsychiatric and a palliative department. help.
Provides emergency and routine medical care to more than 21,000 patients a year. Of these, more than 2,000 patients are provided with high-tech medical care in conjunction with endovascular, cardiovascular surgeons and neurosurgeons.

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