Логотип ГКБ №67
SBIH Vorohobov’s City
Clinical Hospital №67 MHD
Moscow, Salam Adil Str 2/44
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Types Of Medical Care


The Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital provides all kinds of emergency medical care. The E.R. medics promptly examine and diagnose a patient using modern equipment and take measures to stabilize his or her condition. The 24-hour intensive care unit, the emergency surgical block and the anti-shock ward for stroke patients are in function. Emergency assistance is being provided to foreign citizens who do not have an insurance policy as well.


The best Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital specialists consult at the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the hospital. Its patients may be subsequently admitted to one of 50 inpatient departments specialized in abdominal, endocrine, cardiovascular or neurosurgery, urology and gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics, ophthalmology, one of the therapeutic departments or the maternity unit. Scheduled and outpatient medical care is being provided to foreign patients on paid basis.

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